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Amazon Seminars By BOOM!

Find Financial Freedom, We’ll Show You Every Step of the Way. Watch this 1-Minute Video

There’s a massive, cataclysmic change in where and how we buy things — and it's changing our culture and transforming how we do everything. It's taking away jobs. It’s eroding retail dynasties. And people can either be part of it or pretend nothing is going on to their peril.

This introductory seminar will be FREE. Following seminars will be priced at $299.

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September 20-21, 2017 Seminar

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How You Can Survive the Retail-pocalypse

Your future depends on you, on what you are doing to leverage the current trends in the economy. You can either take all your money, buy gold and bury it in your backyard, or you can take initiative and build something long lasting. You can become an entrepreneur, and the best opportunity today is to learn how to sell products on Amazon.  

Become an Amazon Super Hero!

  • Learn how to CHOOSE the right product with our proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) sourcing software
  • Learn from the pros the PITFALLS to avoid and how to SOURCE the right product directly from China
  • Learn how to get products in front of MILLIONS of Amazon shoppers directly from the top industry experts who have sold tens of millions through Amazon FBA
  • Learn how to get access to over 50 hours of PREMIUM online training from a former key Amazon FBA executive
  • Learn how to get direct help from seasoned coaches and professional Amazon FBA sellers 
  • Learn how BOOM Seminars offers an entire end-to-end solution starting from scratch to making millions with Amazon FBA
  • Learn why now is more important than ever to be your own boss
  • Learn how Amazon helps FBA sellers secure their future and find financial freedom

Amazon Opportunity 

Create Your Own Business Where Everyone Is Already Shopping

"What can you imagine? Whatever you can imagine is possible in this space. It's an incredible opportunity." - Andrea

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 Why We Want to Help You!

Andrea Anaya was a millionaire by age 30 and sold her business for $55 million. She wants others to do the same!

“People don’t understand that they can do whatever they want, if they work at it. I didn’t come from money, but I had great success with my own business,” Anaya said. “I desperately want to teach others how to do it and give them some of the freedom in life I’ve had. I’m here to help people realize their incredible worth and give people the resources to change their life.”

Andrea Anaya started BOOM Seminars to help people learn how to leverage Amazon to start a solid business. She understands the opportunity with Amazon and has brought together some of the best Amazon experts, an artificial intelligence software to help you know what products will sell, and even takes you to China to show you in person how to source the right products.


The BOOM Difference

Everyone Has a Guy

You’ve heard the stories before. You have an idea for a new product. Someone “knows a guy” in China who can get it for you. $200,000 later you have no product, no prototypes, and no business (YES, that happened to Andrea Anaya, our founder).

We’re not that guy. We are the good guys who developed the BOOM, plug-and-play Amazon selling system to help you succeed. We will help you:

Avoid the Pitfalls

If you have an Amazon store, or know someone who does, and haven’t be able to make anything of it, that’s not because you can’t.

  • Amazon runs on complicated software
  • It requires knowledge of Search Engine Optimization to be successful
  • Sourcing and manufacturing products internationally is full of con-artists and middlemen


Make your first million on Amazon by doing it right. BOOM will help you:

  • Avoid Common Mistakes when learning how to source products from China and around the world from the pros. 
  • Master Logistics and learn why drop shipping is popular but usually not the best option for Amazon FBA sellers
  • Learn how to use the world's most power Artificial Intelligence (AI) software specifically designed to help you identify mostly unknown product opportunities on Amazon
  • Get coaching and mentoring from the world's best Amazon FBA sellers
  • Get unlimited access to over 50 hours of premium online training from a former Amazon FBA executive
  • Get access to the world's top Amazon service providers and, as an option, let them do the hard work for you
  • Get our guarantee and reduce the risk of starting your business today
  • Begin your Amazon FBA business today and start down the road to financial freedom!

Class in Boom Seminars 

Is BOOM Really For Me?

This seminar isn’t for everyone. The tools you’ll receive from BOOM will be valuable if you:

  • Want comprehensive training for running your own Amazon store. BOOM is a one-stop-shop. We’ll show you everything from setting up your store, to sourcing your products, to marketing. 
  • Expect this to be a source of income. You need to invest money to make money. Think of this as a college degree in Amazon store entrepreneurship. You’ll get out of it what you put in.
  • Are already an ecommerce store owner who wants to see better results from their Amazon business.
  • Are a brick and mortar retailer who is ready to be competitive in online sales.

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 Sessions You’ll Want to Attend

Here’s what you get when you attend BOOM Seminars:

DAY 1: Understand the current world in commerce and where opportunities are today. We’ll give you the basics of sourcing products in China and optimizing for Amazon success.

  • Retail Apocalypse! — The new world of commerce and how people are buying and selling products online. This is what you NEED to know if you’re going to be successful today!
  • Elements of Entrepreneurial Success — What it takes to truly be a successful business owner. Do you have it in you?
  • How to Create a Life of Residual Income — Finding freedom by taking control of your finances and your future.
  • Leverage Timing for Success — How to spot the right opportunities and know when the timing is right.
  • Introduction to Sourcing Products in China — This session will give you the #1 secret to avoid!
  • Introduction to Amazon Best Practices — The dos and don’ts of selling on Amazon, including the top 3 mistakes you’ll learn to avoid!


DAY 2: Dive into the weeds with us to uncover tactics that will get your business up and running for success. Learn how to be competitive in a crowded market and the secrets of AI.

  • Kill the Competition — How to avoid the competition altogether and sell products in high demand but low supply.
  • The Future of Artificial Intelligence — Learn about the newest AI that will tell you exactly what to buy and sell.
  • China Deep Dive — How to source product in China the smart way.
  • Becoming an Entrepreneur — What does it mean to be an entrepreneur? Managing debt vs. investment.
  • The Horror! — Amazon horror stories that will make you cringe, and how to avoid them.
  • Pro vs. Amateur Seller — Learn the difference and how to level up your Amazon business.
  • Time to Invent — How to engineer, source, and sell your idea!

This first seminar is FREE!
A $299 value!


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See What Our Students Say

Jen Gedge

Jen Gedge

"BOOM is the whole package. The education is interactive, informative and fun. The coaches work with your schedule and cater to what you want to be coached on. The software provides information on forward trending products--no other software that does this is available--and the opportunity to go to China to learn all about sourcing options for your private labeled products? It can't get better than this! BOOM is the whole package that allows for endless online business opportunities!'

Josh Miller

"Working with BOOM has been so easy! We have hired several marketing "professionals" this year and the BOOM team is the first one to consistently be in touch, to produce measurable results quickly, and to actually have a plan of action to propel us forward. In the first month the BOOM team took our Amazon listing from bland and unprofessional to ready to sell and promote our product. They had the ideas and did actual research for how to market and how to start getting the market share of our competitors, and it has been so consistent which has been so lacking from the other companies we hired! I would make the choice to hire BOOM 100 times again."

Jacqueline Smith

Jacqueline Smith

"BOOM is a company that has put it all together in one place. They don't just teach you how to market online,  they show you how. They have a strong desire to create real abundance, that isn't linked to a downline. Real solutions for anyone that has a computer and wants to market a product online. Artificial intelligence that helps you know what products are going to fly off your virtual shelf. You don't even have to warehouse either. Most importantly, they hook you up with all the right connections."