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About BOOM! Seminars

Our World Is Changing

We're not experiencing a shift. It's a massive, cataclysmic change in where and how we buy things — it's changing our culture and transform how we do everything. It'll take away jobs. People can either be part of it or pretend nothing is going on to their peril.

BOOM is a huge part of that change. We’re connecting the best education technology with ecommerce experts to help more people become financially free than any other company ever.


About Amazon

Online selling has become the new, and perhaps soon the only, way people shop. The Internet has made the marketplace accessible to all, but, as many learn the hard way, there are a lot of pitfalls in the ecommerce space.

If navigated shrewdly, the benefits of running a successful online store can be massive. Not only are there financial gains, but people can become their own boss and pursue the endless opportunities of entrepreneurism.

There are a log of companies that claim to teach people to sell products on Amazon, but many are riddled with bad information, blind spots, and charge ridiculous fees for providing very little.

Our online education platform is highly interactive and written by an experienced PhD with 10 years working with more than 10,000 sellers at Amazon. Our courses actually teach you instead of giving you the chance to figure out how to teach yourself.

The exceptional BOOM education technology, combined with experienced coaches and most importantly—actual software, product credit, tools, Amazon expert resources and even a trip to CHINA—make BOOM the right choice for anyone ready to explode into financial freedom!

 Today there is a low barrier to entry, and for the first time in history, anyone can sell in an established and massive marketplace! For the first time in 2017, 51% of products sold on Amazon are sold by individuals, JUST LIKE YOU!

About The Founder, Andrea Anaya

Andrea Anaya was raised in Eagle River, Alaska. In high school, her mother taught her medical transcription in order to give her a good skill she could make a living doing. After graduating from Brigham Young University with a degree in History, Andrea started her first business.

"I didn't know I was going to do something that would change my industry forever."

She wrote an online course in medical transcription with her number one goal being that anyone who takes the course will be able to do this as a career when they're finished. That course, which became a company called Career Step, graduated over 10,000 people and became a staple qualification in the medical transcription industry.

In 2009, Andrea won Ernst & Young’s prestigious Entrepreneur of the Year award and sold her company for $55 million.

Today, Andrea continues to be passionate about education and helping people develop skills that can transform their lives. With this undeniable shift to online retail, Andrea sees another opportunity to change an industry forever.

"I’m here to help people realize their incredible worth and give people the education and resources they need to change their life.”


Andrea Anaya

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