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Start Your Own Amazon Business

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Become an Amazon Superhero! 

The world has changed, jobs are changing, retail is changing. More than 90% of shoppers turn to Amazon and are causing traditional retailers to go belly up! But with that change comes opportunity! To help you succeed on Amazon, BOOM (Business Opportunities for Online Marketplaces) offers:

  • Seminars and education
  • Ecommerce experts and Amazon optimization
  • Sourcing/manufacturing experts

How to Sell on Amazon with Real, Comprehensive Training

The Amazon opportunity is HUGE for people wanting to start their own ecommerce business.  But most people usually face at least one of three obstacles:

What Product Should You Sell on Amazon?

Question: Should you sell fidget spinners, golf clubs, vacuums, water bottles, tablets, cell phones, toys? Ughh ... for many, choosing from the massive amount of products is way too daunting to even begin! How do you know which product has too much competition, or which product people want?

Answer: We'll unveil proprietary artificial intelligence that shows you products in high demand with low seller competition. It basically tells you what you should sell! BOOM is the only place to see this technology. 

How Will You Source the Right Product for Amazon?

Question: So maybe you know the right product that will sell. Great! But, how can you source it and manufacture it at scale to be profitable? How can you choose the right overseas partner that won’t screw you over? This is where many entrepreneurs get crushed.

Answer: Using strategies from a former Black & Decker operations team, we'll show you exactly how to know the good manufacturers from the bad, AND, we will reveal China's secrets to sourcing products! 

How Will You Sell and Ship Product on Amazon?

Question: You have the perfect product and the perfect manufacturer. Well, that doesn’t mean one thing if you can’t get it in front of the right customers each and every day! Amazon has its own rules and algorithm that you must follow to sell!

Answer: We work with Amazon day in and day out. We'll give you the latest strategies for getting your products in front of buying customers, and to get those customers to click "BUY"!

The Amazon Opportunity

There may be no better opportunity for entrepreneurs to succeed than Amazon right now. This is a seismic shift where the world shops for products, 24 hours a day, day in and day out. The 3 stats below show just how significant Amazon is for entrepreneurs today!



Dollar Bills

At 136 Billion in 2016, Amazon is the world’s third largest retailer!


Of U.S, Consumers

Almost every consumer plans to shop on Amazon during the holidays, AND they check Amazon before purchasing somewhere else.


Items a Second

That’s how many products are shipped via Amazon every second of every day. That's a lot.

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We Don’t Just Hand You Resources

We actually teach you the ins and outs of running your own business with each of these areas (choosing the right product, sourcing the product, and selling it). And then we plug you into our proven, turnkey system. The seminars and packages give you:

  • Access to proprietary Artificial Intelligence that identifies the right products to sell
  • Guided international product sourcing in China (We’ll even fly you to China!)
  • Amazon experts to set up your online store, get 5 -star reviews, and drive traffic!

Become Financially Free!

Questions? Contact Us

Andrea Anaya and the BOOM team will be hosting seminars to introduce you to our incredible team and show you our training packages. 

Don't miss the chance to meet them, and get in early!


"Working with BOOM has been so easy! We have hired several marketing "professionals" this year and the BOOM team is the first one to consistently be in touch, to produce measurable results quickly, and to actually have a plan of action to propel us forward. In the first month the BOOM team took our Amazon listing from bland and unprofessional to ready to sell and promote our product. They had the ideas and did actual research for how to market and how to start getting the market share of our competitors, and it has been so consistent which has been so lacking from the other companies we hired! I would make the choice to hire BOOM 100 times again."

Josh Miller

"BOOM is a company that has put it all together in one place. They don't just teach you how to market online,  they show you how. They have a strong desire to create real abundance, that isn't linked to a downline. Real solutions for anyone that has a computer and wants to market a product online. Artificial intelligence that helps you know what products are going to fly off your virtual shelf. You don't even have to warehouse either. Most importantly,  they hook you up with all the right connections."

Jacqueline Smith

Some of Our Expert Team

From entrepreneurship, Amazon selling, and sourcing

Andrea L. Anaya

Chief Executive Officer

Andrea L. Anaya

Chief Executive Officer

Andrea is BOOM!'s Chief Executive Officer/ and an Entrepreneur with more than 25 years of diverse experience in education and leadership, and a pioneer in online education for the more than 18 years. She founded Career Step, a medical transcription and medical coding training company in 1992, after an extensive career in the medical transcription industry. Andrea took that company to nearly $18M in annual sales with profits of over $7M before  selling it in 2009 for $55M.

More than 100,000 students from the around the world have been trained with her programs.  Passionate about creating success for students through engaging education, she created a CMS/LMS technology platform that takes online education into the future.  This Dynactive platform includes gamification,video, sound, animation, and more than 25 unique interactive components.  Andrea was a finalist in 2007 for the Regional Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year, and won the award in 2009.  She was also recognized as a Hero of the Red Cross for building a medical clinic in Ghana, that continues to provide services and life-saving care.  Andrea is passionate about education and creating accessible, outcome-based, fun learning programs to bless the lives of people through in a variety of industries. Andrea lives in Salem, Utah. She loves spending time with her husband, four children, and two grandchildren, and gets to Alaska whenever she can.

Matson Tolman

Matson Tolman

Matson Tolman has helped companies of all shapes and sizes achieve massive sales growth on Amazon through consistent optimized product strategy for Amazon Seller Central and Amazon Vendor Central sellers.

Matson has always had a love for the world of online marketing and sales. After graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Marketing from Brigham Young University, Matson headed sales for a small startup that focused on turning targeted traffic into qualified leads. He also worked with one of the largest Search Engine Optimization firms in helping grow and develop their sales platform.

Peter Lemon

Peter Lemon

Peter Lemon has 23 years of global supply chain and manufacturing operations experience in multi-national cross function roles in some of the most exciting and innovative fortune 500 companies, including Stanley Black & Decker and Honeywell.

Additionally, Peter understands the entrepreneurial world has worked in small start-up and family owned businesses. Born in Kansas City, he has a Bachelors from UMKC and and MBA from Portland State University. He has a love of the outdoors, enjoys DIY projects, and is dedicated to his family.  

Cameron Loflin

Cameron Loflin

Cameron Loflin received his Bachelor of Arts in History from Colorado State University and his Masters Degree in Management from Webster University. He has a 20-year history managing and developing successful relationships with academic institutions and international partners, specifically in the online education environment.

He has contributed his talents in the areas of writing, organization, and management to startup companies and has a great vision for providing value to clients, partners, and colleagues.  He is passionate about developing opportunities to enhance educational experiences for students world-wide. He lives in Elk Ridge, Utah with his wife and four children except when spending significant time in the summers fishing, oyster farming and boating in his favorite place—Alaska.

Matt Smith

Matt Smith

James Shuman

James Shuman

James has spent his life in critical conversations with businessmen, investors, and entrepreneurs. He possesses an uncanny ability to analyze data (especially financial) and formulate potential lines of action, that most would overlook.

After a brief stint in law enforcement, James realized his desire to help others would find better use in the business and personal development world, helping many to launch businesses and find their life’s purpose.

James’ resume touts an MBA, working as a Stockbroker for Charles Schwab, and he has spent the past five years assisting real estate investors as they push into new markets across the country, which is no easy task.

James has always had an eye for opportunities and it’s lead him to become an owner in many businesses, including his own Amazon store and partnering with BOOM!  Many will quickly admit that a conversation with James leads to clarity and a focused line of action. At his core, James is most fulfilled when he’s helping others reach their own potential. To quote Billy Joel, he’s quick with a joke, and he’ll light up your smoke, and there’s no place he’d rather be, than here with us at BOOM!